Ross Binden

Software Developer

Hi! I'm Ross.
I'm a programmer, and I enjoy working on games, websites, and sometimes other stuff.

Freelance work

Web development work I have done has included:

I have also worked on various video game servers.

Languages & Frameworks

I am well versed in: I've also worked in Python and C# before however, and pick up new languages and frameworks very easily.

Past employment

Up until September 2016, I was working at CGI, an international technology consultancy, on high-profile government applications written in Java.
I also worked on an internal issue tracking web application in Python, and performed QA testing on various applications.

Networked video game software

Game server software I've worked on:

I've also written a couple of full games for Ludum Dare with networking support:

Art games

I also enjoy making small art games such as:

Open source contributions

I'm an active contributor to open source, and have previously contributed to projects like:


If you'd like to hire me to do some work for you, please contact me by e-mail at ross <dot> binden < at > gmail <dot> com with what you'd like done and your budget.
I will usually respond within a 24-hour period.